Top Do-It-Yourself Electronics Kits

You want kits? We have kits!! Customers often ask "What are your best-selling kits?" or "What is the best kit for my kid getting started in electronics?" Well we've decided to let you in on some of the top kits here at Jameco and let you decide which one is the best for you!

Kit Name Skill Level
Getting Started with Arduino Beginner
Robotic Arm Edge Beginner
LED Color Organ Beginner
Boe-Bot Robot Beginner
T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit Beginner
J-Bot Robot Intermediate
8x8x8 Blue LED Cube Intermediate
3D Printer Kit Intermediate

The list above provides some of the most sought-after kits available at Jameco. If you haven't gotten into the Arduino game yet, the best place to begin is with the Getting Started with Arduino Kit. It comes with an Arduino Uno, the Getting Started with Arduino book, USB cable, and all the components needed to complete 12 different tasks and projects. After completing this tutorial, you will feel as if you can do anything!

Getting Started with Arduino
Getting Started with Arduino Kit
LED Color Organ
LED Color Organ

Everyone loves bright, shiny, colorful lights! Create a fun LED color organ and let the music move to the beat. The amplification of music notes causes a different section of LEDs to light up. It comes with a PCB so that you can easily place the components and solder them in with ease. If you want to build a larger color display, you will need an extra PCB with components to create a second channel.

Having someone that is willing to do anything you command is everyone's best friend! Build your very own robot that can roam around freely and avoid running into any objects with the ultrasonic sensor. The J-Bot Robot has a 4-wheel drive chassis that allows it to be mobile on hard floors, carpet and even some rough terrain. It takes all of your commands through programming of an Arduino microcontroller so you can have it do just about anything you can think of!

J-Bot Robot
J-Bot Robot
3D Printer Kit
3D Printer Kit

The entire purpose of a kit is to create something. Whether it be a robot, a light show, or tonight's dinner, the satisfaction of creating something on your own cannot be duplicated by simply receiving the finished product; which brings us to the 3D Printer Kit by Velleman. Build the printer yourself and the printer will build anything else for you! 3D printing puts the power of manufacturing objects in your own hands. Create your designs with some free software and before you know, you'll be printing hard and sturdy physical objects made of plastic filament.
Still haven't had your fill of kits? Browse around the entire line of featured kits and start building away!

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