Electronic Kits That Light the Season

Great Kits For All Holidays

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The holidays are a great time to show the budding engineer in your life how much they really mean to you. Encourage their electronics enthusiasm with one of Jameco's great holiday themed electronics kits. These do-it-yourself electronics kits range in skill from beginner to intermediate and are sure to provide loads of fun and get you into the holiday mood. We a variety of kits to celebrate the most popular holidays. Check out our selection below.

Beginner Holiday Kits Intermediate Holiday Kits Intermediate Holiday Kits
Audio Easter Egg Kit
Color Changing Easter Egg Kit
Flashing Christmas Tree Kit
Halloween LED Pumpkin Kit
Love Tester Kit
Mother's Day Origami Flower Kit
Original Egg-bot Kit

3D Flashing Christmas Kit
60 LED VU-Meter Sound Star Kit
60 LED Multi-Effect Star Kit
Animated LED Smiley Kit
Animated LED Ghost Kit
Deluxe Christmas Tree Kit
Flash Yellow LED Star Kit
Flash Red LED Star Kit
Flashing LED Sweetheart Kit
LED Animated Bell Kit
Peek-A-BOO Ghost Kit
Peek-A-BOO Ghost w/out Arduino Kit
Peek-A-BOO Ghost Lite Kit
Riding Santa Sleigh Kit
SMD Christmas Tree Kit
SMD USB Christmas Tree Kit

We have an extensive supply of Christmas holiday kits, like these Christmas trees. Most kits are powered by a 9V battery or AA batteries, so there's no need to be near a wall outlet. It can be placed anywhere in your home, your office or even your car. For a bit of a challenge, try building the SMD Christmas Tree.

Velleman MK100 Flashing Christmas Tree
Velleman MK100 Flashing Christmas Tree
Velleman MK130 3D Flashing Christmas Tree
Velleman MK130 3D Flashing Christmas Tree
Velleman MK183 USB SMD Christmas Tree
Velleman MK183 USB SMD Christmas Tree
Velleman MK117 Deluxe Christmas Tree Kit
Velleman MK117 Deluxe Christmas Tree Kit

Check out the Velleman MK172 Sound Star. It has adjustable sensitivity and a microphone that will listen to the ambient sounds and keep the beat to music or any surrounding sound.

The Velleman MK170 Multi-Effect Star has a total of 24 different lighting effects including blinking, fading, static, and more. You can select which effect you want or just set it to play all of them. Create your own color combinations with the included extra LEDs.

MK172 Sound Star Kit
MK172 Sound Star Kit
Velleman MK170 Multi-Effect Star Kit
Velleman MK170 Multi-Effect Star Kit

If you want double the number of LEDs and add twice the fun, then you will like the Riding Santa Sleigh Kit or the Deluxe Christmas Tree Kit. Each kit has more than 120 LEDs. They will surely brighten up the night and set the mood for a fun and festive season.

These lighting kits are the perfect gift to not only build something together with a loved one, but build something that will last for many years to come. Spend some quality time with one another and enjoy the fruits of your labor by kicking back and gazing at the lights.

Egg BotThe Original Egg-Bot

Try a creative new way to customize holiday ornaments. The Original Egg-bot is an open-source robot that draws on a variety of spherical objects. Use it to decorate a variety of ornaments light bulbs or other objects; as long as it fits in the Egg-bot, you can use this one-of-kind art robot. The kit is easy to assemble and only requires a few basic tools. You'll be able to let your artistic side run wild in just a couple of hours.

Make holiday memories by building an electronics kit you love. For even more kit-building fun, check out the wide variety of educational kits that will be sure to entertain and teach you something along the way. There are audio kits, robotics kits, power supply kits and even alternative energy kits that bring futuristic ideas into today's everyday world. Build one of each to become familiar and knowledgeable in all aspects of electronics. Some of these kits and more have detailed step-by-step instructions and videos in our DIY Center.