When the light bulb was invented, civilization was forever changed

By Robert Cong

Magnitude Lighting Transformer LED Drivers

Candles and torches were no longer necessary, work and life outdoors continued long after sunset, and the best thing about it was anybody could afford to have it in their homes. For the past several years LED lighting has widely been considered to be the future of lighting because it is brighter and consumes less power.

The main downside to LED lighting has been that it was far too expensive to be a feasible replacement to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Today, LEDs are more affordable for the average customer and the search for similarly priced LED power drivers has led us to Magnitude Lighting Transformer.

LED Lighting in Haven Restaurant in Miami, Florida
LED Lighting in Haven Restaurant in Miami, Florida

Among a multitude of features, these LED drivers have a few distinct qualities:

Magnitude LED drivers are reliable, durable and compact in size. If fact, they are widely recognized as the most compact LED drivers with a magnetic transformer core on the market. Having a magnetic transformer core minimizes the number of parts, so they are less prone to possible component failure. Switching power supplies can be more efficient and lighter, but these will keep the cost down while staying reliable.

Dimmable LED magnetic DC and AC voltage drivers are among the most popular product lines Magnitude Lighting has to offer. Encased in a high-quality NEMA 3R metal enclosure that includes two knockouts for easy installation, these LED drivers are practically foolproof. Of course we recommend having a qualified electrician help install them, but who really listens to that advice?

Magnitude Lighting Transformer LED Voltage Driver
Magnitude Lighting Transformer LED Voltage Driver

The color-coded wiring diagrams are clear and easy to understand, and the small physical unit can be placed in a variety of areas. Most are Class 2 rated and ETL listed, so you can be assured you are getting a quality product that meets strict electrical regulations.

Wiring Diagram for M20L12DC-AR 20-Watt Dimmable LED Driver
Wiring Diagram for
M20L12DC-AR 20-Watt Dimmable LED Driver

Built to withstand the harshest environments, these LED drivers can be comfortably placed just about anywhere, indoors or outdoors. The 60-watt drivers are a mere 6.0"H x 2.5"W x 2.2"D and weigh 3 pounds. They are also equipped with two auto-reset circuit breakers for safety and enclosure knockouts for a clean-looking, simple installation.

LED Kitchen Lighting
LED Kitchen Lighting

Do you want to set the mood just right for every occasion?

Each LED driver is dimmable with the installation of a compatible dimmer – allowing you to customize the feel of every room. Common applications include tape lighting, tube lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and general lighting in homes and offices.

LED lighting has never been more simple or affordable. It's time to step into the new generation of lighting, whether it be for the home or the office. Once you make the transition, each room will take on a whole new glow.

Robert is a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Electrical Engineering. He is originally from Lincoln Heights in Los Angeles, CA. His interests include sports, movies, music and playing with cool, new gadgets.