OSEPP Open Source Product Review

Arduino Compatible Products Meant to Innovate

By Mark Casilang

Arduino products have been popular teaching tools and serve as a great introduction to a more technical background for hobbyists. OSEPP stands for open-source electronics prototyping platform, which is actually the definition of the Arduino. This Canadian company specializes in Arduino compatible products, from different types of sensors and shields to their own brand of Arduino compatible boards.

These boards weren't made to imitate, but to innovate. OSEPP's goal is to make Arduino as user friendly as possible and to expand the audience and knowledge. Jameco has recently added some of these easy to use products.

DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensore

DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensore – HUMI-01

DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor has a calibrated digital signal output. It includes an NTC temperature measurement component and a resistive-type humidity measurement component, and connects to a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller, offering excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability and cost-effectiveness.

16x2 LCD Display and Keypad Shield

16x2 LCD Display and Keypad Shield — 16X2SHD-01

This 16 x 2 LCD Display and Keypad Shield plugs directly into an Arduino or other Arduino compatible board. The panel displays characters in white with a blue backlit and can display up to two lines of 16 characters. The shield includes 6 push buttons for up, down, left, right, select function and an Arduino reset button.

Motor and Servo Shield

Motor and Servo Shield — SCSHD-01

The motor and servo shield can be plugged directly into Arduino and Arduino compatible boards with servo header and terminal blocks. The motor power supply and servo power supply can be configured to source an individual terminal block or from the Arduino board. This shield supports up to 2 servo motors and 4 bi-directional DC motors, or 2 stepper motors and 2 servo motors. If robotics or motion is required in your project, this is a great choice. Just download the software library download the software library and the shield will be ready to use.

101 Robotics Kit Basics

101 Robotics Kit Basics — ROB-01

The last product is the 101 Robotics Kit Basics. This is a starter kit for anyone interested in getting started with robots. It includes the OSEPP version of the Arduino Uno R3, many modules like the IR follower, hardware for assembly, and everything you need to build an autonomously operated robot. It also contains text books to give teaching lessons, background information, and some sample program coding that is used to make the robot function. It's a way to learn robotics in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

OSEPP has several products that can fit your Arduino projects from beginner to advanced levels. OSEPP's mission statement is to, "make something so extraordinary to become ordinary." By making complicated projects simple, they are hoping to make even more complex designs possible. Check out our selection of OSEPP products and let us know what you think. If you’d find additional OSEPP products you’d like Jameco to carry, don’t hesitate to let us know at [email protected].

Mark is a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in Electrical Engineering. He is originally from sunny San Diego, CA. His interests include traveling, movies, games, sports, music, playing tennis and going to the beach.