RC Logger Quadcopters Product Review

Growing up there was always one toy everyone wanted: a remote-controlled (RC) car. The RC car not only gave you the feeling of driving your very own vehicle, it also gave you the power of doing whatever you wanted. You could crash it into walls, flip it over rocks or leave a dent in the back of your sibling's foot. And now, you can bring back those childhood memories with awesome new quadcopters from RC Logger. Not only is a quadcopter better than an RC car in terms of functions, it now costs about the same too!

A quadcopter has four propellers and motors (hence, "quad") to help lift the unit off the ground and stabilize it while in the air. The RC Logger Quadcopters use a one-touch flight sensor mode for quick switching between Beginner, Sports and Expert modes. This adjusts the sensitivity and capabilities of the quadcopter to cater to each user. I find this to be very useful when letting younger children fly the quadcopter. Their initial reaction is to fly it as high as possible, but setting it in Beginner mode limits the altitude it is allowed to fly. Some of the main differences between the two quadcopter models are that the RC Eye One S Quadcopter has a 2.4GHz frequency range with frequency hopping and automatic channel selection, upgraded landing gears and 25% increased power in Sports mode.

The RC Eye One S in Action

Both the RC Eye One Quadcopter and RC Eye One S Quadcopter are extremely lightweight and compact. I was very surprised with their size and weight – measuring just over 7" in diameter and weighing next to nothing at 3 oz. Because of their small size, these aren't the type of quadcopter you'd want to strap a GoPro camera to – the weight of the camera alone is 2.6 oz, without housing. But, if you want to maneuver through tight spaces and narrow hallways, RC Logger quadcopters are ideal.

On a nice calm day, they fly great outdoors and can reach high altitudes with incredible speed, but if there are constant wind gusts in the area, the controls of the quadcopter can be quite difficult to use, especially if you haven't had much practice. The 2.4GHz frequency allows you to control the quadcopter at a great distance. I was able to control it as far away as I could see.

Quadcopter A very nice feature of the RC Logger quadcopters is that they have built-in electronic self-stabilizing flight controls that help balance out altitude changes, so occasional, small wind gusts are not much of a factor when flying. The RC Eye One S Quadcopter is also equipped with an acrobatic flip ability that allows users to flip the quadcopter in midair, as well as allows you to show off your flying skills.

One of the most important factors in remote-controlled flying is flight time. You want to have a good amount of flying time before the batteries run out, which usually happens pretty fast. Most copters I've seen only have about 10 minutes worth of flying time before a replacement battery is needed. The 7.4V 350mAh LiPo batteries last around 15 minutes before there's a noticeable lack of thrust. It may not be the greatest flight time, but it's not the worst either. The way the battery installs into the unit seems a bit flimsy, but is actually surprisingly sturdy thanks to the security Velcro strap. Each quadcopter comes with a battery and charger, but I strongly recommend getting a LiPo Battery and Charger Set as well. Once the flight time is over, swapping out the batteries is simple so you can quickly get back in the air. No one has time to wait for batteries to charge, right?

The construction of the quadcopter frame is remarkably well built to withstand some brutal punishment. I flew it around 30' high to let go of the throttle and let it drop onto its stands, and no damage was assessed. The only complaint I could say I have on the construction is that the plastic propellers may get bent out of shape when striking a wall, causing future flights to be a little off balanced. The RC Eye One S is designed with protective stands to prevent this and protect the propeller sides. That alone is a good reason to get the Crash Kit and keep extra propellers and motors on-hand when using the RC Eye One S.

All in all, taking into consideration the simplicity of the flight controls, the construction and durability of the unit, the battery life and the value of the entire package, I would highly recommend RC Logger quadcopters. They are appropriate and fun for both kids and the kid at heart. It is also an incredible value when you consider other similarly priced, but less reliable, quadcopters available right now.