Arduino Portenta H7 Microcontroller

Run high-level code along with real-time tasks

The Arduino Portenta H7 Microcontroller is the first member of the Portenta family, dedicated to industrial use cases while maintaining Arduino openness and being ready for the most demanding Pro applications.

The dual-core STM32H747 processor, which includes a Cortex® M7 running at 480 MHz and a Cortex® M4 running at 240 MHz, equips the Portenta H7 for machine learning real-time applications. The two cores communicate via a Remote Procedure Call mechanism, allowing seamless access to functions on the other processor for true multitasking.

Use the Portenta H7 when performance is critical:

Arduino Portenta H7
  • High-end industrial machinery
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Computer vision
  • PLCs
  • Industry-ready user interfaces
  • Robotics controller
  • Mission-critical devices
  • Dedicated stationary computer
  • High-speed booting computation (ms)

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The Portenta H7 can withstand the vibrations and temperatures encountered in industrial, automotive, and agricultural applications. The various interfaces allow developers to interact with the Portenta H7 in multiple ways, including MKR-compatible pins, USB-C enabled HDMI output, and Arduino's open connector (ESLOV).

The Portenta H7 runs both high-level code and real-time tasks at the same time. The design incorporates two processors that can run tasks concurrently. The functionality is divided into two parts. It can function as the central processor of an embedded computer or as an embedded microcontroller board. For example, you can run Arduino-compiled code alongside MicoPython one and have them both communicate with one another.

The back of the board has two 80-pin high density connectors meant to allow the Portenta to be plugged into a device as a removable module. Devices in the field can easily be swapped out or upgraded. The Portenta also comes standard with 8 MB SDRAM and 16 MB NOR flash, but it can be customized with up to 64 MB of memory and 128 MB of flash if needed.


STM32H747XI dual Cortex®-M7+M4 32bit low power Arm® MCU

The main processor is a dual core STM32H747 with 480 MHz Cortex® M7 and 240 MHz Cortex® M4 processors. The two cores communicate via a Remote Procedure Call mechanism, which allows them to seamlessly call functions on the other processor.

Murata 1DX dual WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1

The onboard wireless module allows you to manage WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity at the same time.

Chrom-ART graphical hardware Accelerator

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Portenta H7 is the ability to connect an external monitor to create your own dedicated embedded computer with a user interface. This is made possible by the on-chip GPU of the STM32H747 processor, the Chrom-ART AcceleratorTM. Aside from the GPU, the chip includes a JPEG encoder and decoder.

Arduino Portenta H7 Microcontroller Schematic in PDF File

Arduino Portenta H7 Microcontroller Datasheet PDF File

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