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Pomona Electronics is one of the world’s leading producers of test accessories. Pomona has developed test accessories for both the electronic and the electrical user for over 50 years. Today they are considered one of the industry’s test and measurement accessories experts.

RF Connectors

Connectors The type of connector used depends on the maximum frequency the cable is able to carry. The BNC connector is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cables. BNC connectors are used with miniature-to-subminiature coaxial cables in radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment. Test equipment, such as oscilloscopes and function generators also use BNC connectors. BNC connectors carry signal frequencies up to 4 GHz. BNC couples and adapters provide ways to interconnect cables with either the same or different connector types. SMA connectors and adapters are used to carry signal frequencies up to 18 GHz. They are often used in radar and microwave applications, as well as GPS and cellular signal connections. N-type connectors and adapters are used to join coaxial cables and can carry signals with frequencies up to 11 GHz in standard versions and 18 GHz in precision versions. They are more commonly used in amateur radio devices, including broadcast and communications equipment. N-type connectors can also be used for many receivers and general RF applications.

Test, Tools, and Supplies

testleads Grabbers and test clips are used to temporarily connect wires to components on circuit boards, connector pins, and other terminals. They are often used during prototyping, testing, and troubleshooting. Test clips and adapters serve as breakouts, providing access to pins on ICs. Clips are often used to connect logic analyzers, function generators, or oscilloscopes. Minigrabbers are used to connect small-diameter component leads and wires. Often, they are used for connecting to components that are mounted on circuit boards or to probe individual wires in a multi-conductor connector. Alligator clips are used to connect to larger diameter components like power conductors, screw terminals, or lugs. SOIC clips are IC test-clips for small outline integrated circuits (SOIC). The clip assures a secure connection to all chip leads and provides hands-free testing. SOIC clips are used to connect to surface-mount, small-scale, or medium-scale integrated circuits with pin counts up to 44 pins and lead pitches of 1.27mm.

Test leads are pre-made cables used to carry electronic signals between two or more points. They come in handy when connecting common test points for debugging, prototyping or testing. Test leads typically have one end being a connector that fits a voltmeter/multimeter and the other end a metal probe with a handle. Some probes have alligator clips or grabbers at the end to allow for hands-free testing. The handle prevents the person from influencing the measurement or being exposed to dangerous voltages. When measuring resistance, if the user’s hands come in contact with the probes, it can increase the resistance reading, giving inaccurate data. A shock can occur if the user’s fingers come in contact with the probe conductors while testing a circuit.

A Banana connector is a single-wire electrical connector used for joining wires to equipment. The male connector is called a banana plug and the female connector is called a banana socket or banana jack. When holding the part with your hand, the voltage should not exceed 60 Vdc, but when using hands free the maximum voltage is 5000 Vdc (check with the datasheet for the specific part you are using to confirm the max voltage for that part, as it may vary). A banana plug is a cylindrical pin that has sprung metal “leaves” that bulge outward. The springs provide a snug fit and good connectivity into the socket. The two ends are narrower than the center, giving it a banana-like shape. They are commonly used on power supplies and multimeters.

Wire and Cable Assemblies

Coaxial and RF cables are used to interconnect oscilloscopes, function generators, transmitters, and more! They are engineered to transmit electronic signals with great integrity where there would be no corruption of information between the connections. Ensuring that a coaxial cable assembly meets the requirements of a given application is essential. With Pomona products, you can ensure the quality and the material used in its construction, design, assembly, post-processing, and testing are of the highest standards.

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