Electronics Puzzler: Emergency DIY Resistor

By Forrest M. Mims III
Emergency DIY Resistor

How Do You Make an Emergency DIY Resistor?

Engineer Tony Watts designed a top secret circuit for one of his company's key clients, who was scheduled to visit that afternoon. The prototype built on a PC board with standard components worked fine. But, Watts' boss enthusiastically pointed his pencil at one of the tiny postage stamp size versions Watts had made with surface mount components and said "That's what we need to show him!" Unfortunately, the tiny circuit lacked a 1 megohm surface mount resistor and Watts' order from Jameco would not arrive until the next day.

How did Watts improvise a SMT 1 megohm resistor and demonstrate a working version of the tiny circuit when the client arrived?

Puzzler Hint: The key word is improvise.

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