Electronics Hobbyists' Education and Profession

Understanding the Electronics Hobbyist

Electronics hobbyists are tinkerers at heart. Some invite electronics into all aspects of their lives while others are part time do-it-yourselfers, garage tinkerers and participants of the Maker Movement.

What is the education level of the average electronics hobbyist?

Electronics hobbyists are well educated with 66.2% having graduated from a four year college. Almost half of those (30.4%) went on to complete a graduate degree. According to 2014 US Census data, 34% of adult Americans have completed an undergraduate degree, which means electronics hobbyists are nearly twice as educated as the average American.

Has the average electronics hobbyist had formal electronics education?

Over one-third (34.6%) of electronics hobbyists have no formal electronics education. Most of these individuals are self-taught. About one-third have an electrical engineering degree (34.0%). The last third report that they had some formal electronics training. That doesn't mean they're less skilled or passionate about the hobby as their trained counterparts.

Electronic Hobbyists Education
Education of Average American Electronics Hobbyists

Are electronics hobbyists more likely to be professionally involved with electronics?

Exactly half (49.9%) of all electronics hobbyists have no direct ties to electronics in their professional or academic world. 8.6% have an educational tie to electronics and 41.4% are either actively or were previously electronics professionals.

Electronic Hobbyists Education
Electronics and Professional Ties

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