Who is the Electronics Hobbyist, Besides an Electronics Hobbyist?

What Other Hobbies do Electronics Hobbyists Love?

While electronics hobbyists are clearly adoring of their hobby electronics projects, they don't let electronics fill up all of their spare time. It wasn't surprising however, to find that that the most common "other" hobby of electronics hobbyists still involves skills relevant to electronics. Music, woodworking, and computers were the top three additional hobbies of electronics hobbyists.

Music and electronics have a long, intertwined history. Besides electric instruments and accessories, there's effects like sound and lighting that help augment a musical experience.

Woodworking and metal working were other favorite hobbies listed by electronics hobbyists some may move toward 3D printing as it becomes more affordable and accessible. There's been a rise in 3D printing over the last couple of years correlating with the rising popularity of the Maker Movement.

What are some other hobbies favored? It wasn't a huge surprise that model constructing, specifically trains and airplanes were favored by electronics hobbyists too.

Combining mechanics with electronics, hobbyists also enjoy working on radios, automobiles and motorcycling. Despite the high percentage of hobbyists that enjoy the thrill of explosions, we found that hobbyists also enjoy more relaxing hobbies, such as reading, gardening and photography.

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