Jameco Warehouse Tour

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We love to show off our warehouse and are happy to give the tour to anyone, but since most customers are far from our facility in Belmont, California, we are offering remote customers this virtual tour led by Warehouse Director, George Rossi.

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Jameco Warehouse Facts
Jameco sells over 50,000 different electronic components and if you place an order by 6pm EST for a stocked product it will ship the same day.

The building was built for Jameco in 1979 and we've been shipping from here ever since. The property backs up to the San Francisco Bay and sits just 20 minutes south of the San Francisco airport.

In 2010 we began a series of renovations to improve our efficiency and our environmental footprint. We put on a new white roof and extra insulation to keep the building naturally cooler. We added skylights throughout the building to let the natural light in. There are days when we don't turn on the lights at all. Through these and other measures we've reduced our energy usage by 30%.

Each aisle in the warehouse is owned by a section head responsible for keeping products stocked and organized. The order fillers are responsible for picking, packaging and shipping every order, but if they ever spot a quality issue on the aisle they'll attach a brightly colored clip to the problem bin and the section head will be responsible for resolving the issue.

The warehouse is organized by type of product, and within any aisle you can always tell how well a product sells by where it sits on the shelf. Just like in a grocery store, components at eye level sell better than those above and below. This minimizes the bending and reaching and speeds up the picking process.

Our team does much more than just pick an order off the shelf. The warehouse team is ultimately responsible for the quality of products that ship out the door. They inspect, label, count and package products along the way. The team measures success based on customer complaints and recently we set an all-time high of a 99.85% monthly quality score.

One of the reasons our prices are so low is that our Purchasing team buys product in large quantities and our Packaging team repackages those components into usable quantities and creates kits, grab bags and other customization projects.

While the floors are clean enough to eat off, there are parts of the warehouse carpeted with anti-static carpet tiles. This provides an extra level of protection for electrically sensitive products and helps save the warehouse team's legs during the day. We opted for tiled carpet instead of long roles, because we wanted to be able to easily replace or repair the carpet without disrupting the overall operation.