Circuit Skills: LED Matrix

Learn How to Build a LED Matrix

By Collin Cunningham

Many an experimenter, hacker, tinkerer and maker have heeded the call of the mighty matrix – and it's no mystery why. A small army of LEDs elegantly wired in grid formation would be difficult for anyone with an appreciation for electronics hardware to pass up - even after considering the sometimes daunting wiring job that stands as prerequisite to entry.

Product manager, Ryan Winters took a second look at this kit. To see what really cool things he came up with in his DIY build, click here.

LED Matrix Kit includes:

Description Manufacturer Part No.
IC, Max7219CNG, DIP24, 8-digit MAX7219CNG
Potentiometer, 1/2W, 10KΩ 18STS103
Display, Dot Matrix, Hi-E Red, 8x8 2LD788BS-SS22
Resistor, 1/4 Watt, 30KΩ, 5% CF1/4W303JRC
Capacitor, Ceramic, 0.1µF SR205E104MAA-VP
Arduino Nano 3.0 A000005

Click here for the LED Matrix kit step-by-step build.

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