Lessons learned by our customers during builds to step-by-step project instructions, this section will help inspire you.

Build Your Own RGB Infinity Mirror

A mesmerizing Arduino-controlled project that will catch everyone's eye!
RGB Infinity Mirror
What Not to do With Your Caps

Pop a Cap! Watch the consequences of incorrectly using a capacitor!
What Not to do With Your Caps
RC Logger Quadcopters

If you don't get a quadcopter, you'll hate yourself later.
RC Logger Quadcopters
Design Your Own PCB

A step-by-step tutorial on using PCB Creator.
Design Your Own PCB
A Humbling Soldering Experience

Greg learns to solder.
A Humbling Experience
Jameco Warehouse Tour

Jameco's warehouse stores more than 50,000 products.
Jameco's Warehouse
8x8x8 LED Cube Electronic Kit Review

The 8x8x8 programmable LED cube.
8x8x8 LED Cube Video Review
Robotic Hand Kit Review

Great kit for getting started with motors, sensors or animatronics.
Robotic Hand
Vein Finder Electronic Kit Review

Check Out Club Jameco's Vein Finder Project.

Jameco Video Review
Build Your Own 30 Watt Solar Panel

A step-by-step video from Parallax.

Solar Panel
Circuit Skills: Infrared Light

Build your own infrared light barrier.
Infrared IR lightkit
Circuit Skills: Power Supply

Collin sheds a new light on the
source of power.
Power Supply
Circuit Skills: Fiber Optics

Experimenting with the transmission of sound as light.

Fiber Optics
Circuit Skills: Pulse Width Modulation

You don't need a microcontroller to generate a PWM signal.
Pulse Width Modulation
Circuit Skills: Getting Started with Surface Mount Devices

Solder your own teeny-tiny circuitry.
SMT Devices
Circuit Skills: LED Color Organ

Add LED color pazazz to your music.
LED Color Organ
Circuit Skills: LED Matrix Kit

Easily create your own LED Mighty Matrix.

LED Matrix Kit
Circuit Skills: Perfboard Prototyping

Create cool guitar sound effects using the perfboard in this video.
Perfboard Prototyping
Circuit Skills: Function
Generator and Enclosures

Every useful circuit deserves a good enclosure.
Function Generator
Circuit Skills: Circuit Board Etching

Learn how to etch your own custom circuit board.
Circuit Board Etching

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