Knowledge is Power, Let's Share

Share something that you've learned

Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically."

When it comes to education, book learning is a great starting point, but the experience of hands-on projects augments learning processes and allows critical thinking to be applied to real world applications. It's that spark of curiosity, that drive to pursue more, to question and experiment that really makes education valuable.

Jameco doesn't only sell electronic components and electronic kits; if you've taken a look around our website, you've noticed that sparking creativity and an understanding of electronics is of high priority. We understand that knowledge brings about innovation and that's why we want to hear from our budding engineers.

We're challenging students to share something valuable that you've learned with your peers. Doing so not only benefits others, but also provides opportunities for yourself like helping you gain credibility and networking opportunities. Jameco will publish your submissions, providing the innovators of tomorrow with tools for success.

We aren't only interested in hearing from students but aim to provide resources valuable to those interested in or studying electronics and engineering. If you're currently not an engineering student, but have a nugget of interest from past experiences or words of advice, please don't hesitate to share. The more experiences we can gather the more we can help electronics enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill levels gain insight.

Share your stories with the Jameco community. Send your articles and project experiences to [email protected].