Calling All Electronics Designers!

Help us Solve This Puzzle!

Ok designers, have we got a challenge for you! Long time Jameco customer Greg Miller proposed the following:

"Every now and then, I wonder where my yard ends and the neighbor's begins. I know there's a piece of re-bar, embedded in a chunk of concrete, buried at the corner of the property. But "buried" defines the problem. I've tried to use a conventional metal detector, but without much luck. There is too much junk in the ground, and too many minerals, and the metal detector has a rather wide "target area."

What I need is a "magnetic locator" like land surveyors use to find corner markers, and utility companies use to find buried steel and iron pipe. These respond only to ferrous metals, and detect distortion in the earth's magnetic field. They effectively ignore minerals, coins, aluminum cans, and other junk. They use some sort of "flux detector" and what I would guess is a specialized comparator circuit. But what the heck are these "flux detectors," how are they mounted, and what kind of comparator is needed?"


We're turning over the design details to the experts. Can you come up with a design that will fulfill Greg's need? Submit your design to [email protected]. We'll publish the best in an upcoming newsletter.

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