Jameco's Security Challenge

How Would You Deter Thieves?

Imagine arriving home to find that brazen individuals had broken in and stolen your most prized possessions and damaged everything else they had left behind. You're angry and feel victimized and although you thought you were guarded by security cameras, you find out they weren't able to identify your thieves. There's truly little you can do to rectify the situation. Sure, your homeowners' insurance may replace some of your possessions, but no amount of money can replace what was actually taken.
Scary Thief
We know that our customers love a good challenge, so we're putting the Jameco community to the test. Try this design challenge that could be both fun, creative, and rewarding. Remember the movie Home Alone™? The burglars must have wished they had never picked that house in the first place. We're looking for some new ideas that would scare off a modern burglar, and we're dying to find out what device or electronic strategy would you employ to deter a theft.

Your challenge response should be something that's effective, discrete, and portable yet not easily removed, stolen, or broken. Bonus points for making us laugh. Submit your designs to [email protected]. We'll tell everyone we know about the best design and pick our favorites.

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Note: Home Alone is a registered trade mark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.