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Since 1974, Jameco has provided electronic components at discounted prices to a wide range of educational institutions. We offer products and pricing that are perfectly suited for the engineers of the future.

An electronics kit is simply a collection of components in appropriate quantities, a bill of materials and a set of instructions. Jameco can source, stock, build and sell the kit. We can also facilitate the manufacturing of custom PCBs to support virtually any project. We'll then set up the product on our site and charge a price below the sum of the parts.

Contact Us

Bids & Quotes: [email protected]
Technical Support: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-794-9100

Here's how it works:

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1. Fill your cart with the required parts and quantities.

2. After reviewing your cart, select the Export Cart feature and export the cart to your desktop. See sample exported parts list below.

3. Send the exported file to [email protected]. Include the following information: your name, institution/school, course name/number, ship-to address, phone, estimated quantity of kits and date you need the first shipment. Please also include any instructions or other information you would like included in the kit.

That's it. We source the components, create the kits and sell them on the Jameco site under Educational Kits. Your school and course name will be associated with the product to make it easier for classmates and colleagues to find.

Sample exported parts list:

Sample Exported Cart