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Electronic Kits for Students

Technological and creative kits that emphasize active learning

Jameco offers a variety of electronic kits, robotic kits, STEM projects, and customized kits with the electronic components and the parts needed to meet project or curriculum requirements. Choose from thousands of kits ranging in a variety of skill levels.

Finding Kits Has Never Been Easier!

Created for University and College Courses

Jameco has created a selection of pre-made kits for university and college programs and curriculums. These can be used “as is” or customized for specific requirements. We share and promote the efforts of our partner professors.

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Electronic Kits for Students

Kits for Middle and High School Courses

Jameco has electronic kits for every skill level. We offer kits for beginners as well as for intermediate and advanced skill levels, so it's easy to find the right electronic project.

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Get Started With STEM Kits

Check out more fun and exciting STEM kits >>

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If you have never soldered before you may want to check-out our Learn to Solder Guide on the basics of soldering.

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