Hoover Dam Bypass Opens

It was only the beginning of this year when we published our January catalog that we marveled at the complexity of the construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass. The catalog cover showed the Hoover Dam Bypass during an early phase of construction. Now the project is complete, the road is open, and the article we spotted and accompanying pictures are worth looking at.

Hoover Dam

The new Hoover Dam bypass will shorten the route for commercial shippers along the major trade corridor and reduce traffic congestion. Officials estimate the bridge will reduce the average trip between Las Vegas and Phoenix by more than 30 minutes. The speed limit on the bridge and bypass is 55 mph.

The Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge outside Boulder City, also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, was the first concrete-steel composite arch bridge built in the United States and features the Western Hemisphere's longest concrete arch.

The bridge crosses the Colorado River for US Route 93, which connects Nevada and Arizona 1,600 feet downstream of the Hoover Dam. It is situated about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. At 840 feet above the Colorado River, the bridge is the highest in the country.

The walking path on the Nevada side of the bridge is spectacular for viewing and photographing the magnificence of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Mojave Desert. Read the story by the las Vegas Sun.