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How hot is too hot?

How Hot is Too Hot?

Has your PC ever gone on strike and just shut down out of the blue? Assuming you didn't trip over the cord, thankfully it's not a common occurrence, but often the problem is excessive heat. Here's an exciting new technology that allows you to monitor heat by just looking at the chip, using spray on liquid crystal technology.
Recycling Gets Greener

Recycling Gets Greener

Recycling PCBs in a responsible fashion has become the new standard but recently a company introduced new technology that makes the recycling process much simpler. Imagine removing the metal from a PCB by simply running it under water. The hot water apparently causes the board to fall apart which is what many of us have found when we've dropped our cell phones in wet places.
Consumer Robotics

Consumer Robotics

Not since the advent of the washing machine has a single machine made a bigger impact on most consumer's daily lives. We've dreamt of the day when the Jetson's Rosie the Robot might address our every domestic need, or possibly a robotic valet like C3PO. Well from robotic lawn mowers, to vacuum cleaners it's clear that we're getting close to this dream as an article in CEpro points out.
Future Vision

Future Visions

It's hard to miss an article's whose headline reads "9 Future Technologies that will change the world." While our expectations were initially low, we thought this article delivered a powerful list of potential technologies from "atmospheric energy" to "wireless energy transfer" and "quantum teleportation." Need some inspiration for a new technology? This article will certainly make you think.
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