Maker Build

Jameco Sponsors the Make Robot Build

Our friends at Make Magazine challenged their readers to build a CoasterBot.

What's a CoasterBot you ask? Quite simply, a CoasterBot is a robot that is capable of navigating on its own, avoiding obstacles and uses either CD or DVD as its main body component. Jameco was thrilled to help sponsor anything that might help recycle this Tribble-like media.

Make's readers didn't disappoint and ultimately the choice of picking just one winner from 25 very qualified finalists was difficult. Amazingly, for many, this was their first robot build. On average, contestants spent upwards of 30 hours creating their "Disc Dingos".

We had a lot of fun playing with the winners in the Jameco office.

3rd Place went to Steve Joiner with "Hul-10" (Play video)


2nd Place went to Jacky Snipes with "UFO (Unidentified Floor Object)"


And the grand prize went to Dan Ray who created "Jartron" (Play video)