Bluetooth Headset Hack

A DIY Streaming Audio Project

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Do you want to play music from your computer on the stereo? We found this Bluetooth hack on Instructables and loved it. Here's what dex3844 wrote:

I came up with this Bluetooth hack to use with my computer and stereo. The stereo doesn't have USB support but has stereo jack audio input. I had a non functioning Bluetooth headset and hacked it to include a stereo jack. Now I just plug it in to the stereo and play the tunes (audio streaming)!

Bletooth Hack

Required Tools:
1. Bluetooth Headset
2. Stereo jack (3.5mm)
3. Soldering iron
4. Solder
5. Hot glue gun
6. Thin wire
7. Pliers/stripper/cutter
8. Bluetooth enabled computer.

Step 1: Disassemble Headset

Take the cover off
Required tools and parts

Take the cover off and be careful with the small wires inside, it is easy to pull them out of their contacts. Strip off the casing of the stereo jack if needed.

what you should be leftThis is what you should be left with.

This is the circuit diagramThis is the circuit diagram

Step 2: Wiring Your Hack

Wiring your hackWiring Your Hack

Solder two wires to the stereo jack by bridging the top two connections for left and right (black wire), then ground wire on third connection (white wire).

When you bridge the two top wires, solder that wire to one of the wires from the headset, then solder the other wire (ground) from your jack to the other wire from your Bluetooth headset.

Because this is a Bluetooth headset, there are only two wires (mono output instead off stereo left and right).

You might also want to snip off the microphone wires for privacy, but I didn't because I actually need that microphone for future hacks.

Make a small hole on the headset cover

Make a small hole on the headset cover.
Insert the stereo jack and secure it with hot glue.

Solder the wires

Solder the wires from the stereo jack to the headset wires.
Be very careful, it is easy to pull out the wires – which I did.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Put the cover back

Put the cover back and you have a finished product – ta-da!

Your Bluetooth

Plug in your headset to the input (female stereo jack) of the stereo.
Turn it on and pair headset to your computer.
Play some music and enjoy!

Ideas for future improvements

1. Write a computer program to include voice control so you can change music or switch off the computer from another room using a voice command.

2. Hack the stereo to charge the Bluetooth headset without unplugging it.

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