Electronic Fundamentals

Electronics Fundamentals Lessons

The best way to learn electronics is a combination of both key concepts and a hands-on project that reinforces those concepts. For our customers interested in learning more about electronics, we are developing a series of lessons called Electronics Fundamentals. While we are just starting, we think we already have some good tools for introducing electronics concepts and providing a fun project to get the student excited about each lesson.

Originally designed with educators and their students in mind, we realized Electronics Fundamentals are useful resources for DIY-learners as well.

The Electronics Fundamentals series includes:

Building a DC Motor
Building a Voltage Regulator
Building a Transformer

The projects included in Electronics Fundamentals lessons are typically good for beginners, have step-by-step directions and tips, plus photos or videos of the project at different stages of the build. Everyone learns differently, but regardless of your preference, there's nothing like building an electronics project to reinforce the lesson.

If you have a concept and project you'd like to see as an Electronics Fundamentals lesson, add your ideas to our community forum.