A Grab Bag of Ideas

By Robert Cong

No Limit with These Component Compilations

As most of us know, it doesn't take much to get cluttered and disorganized. After a couple of weeks, random papers and objects seem to pile up exponentially. I know plenty of people (myself included) who seem to have a messy workspace, but also know where to find everything they need. That's kind of how grab bags are: they're a bag full of stuff that may not seem organized, but you'll be able to find them because they come in one big bag and you're bound to find a little bit of everything. It's up to you to decide what you can use them for and what kind of project concoctions you can brew up. The main reason people love electronic grab bags: they're a bunch of good stuff for one low price.

We have a wide variety of grab bags at amazingly low prices: switches, LEDs, capacitors, motors, potentiometers, transistors, fans and even a surprise grab bag, which is a bag full of who knows what. You can use what you need right now and keep the rest for a time when you will need them, which is, more often than not, likely. For those who would like to stay organized, there are also component cabinet kits, which come with a cabinet, 20 clear plastic drawers, 20 dividers and adhesive labels for identification. It's nice to be organized every once in a while.

You can even use these grab bags to come up with some new ideas for your projects. If you have extra parts just lying around, you can always figure out some way to use them, practical or not. Check out all the grab bags and component cabinet kits we offer, and my guess is that you will find something you will want to add to your stash of goodies.

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