Best FREE 3D Printing Downloads and Designs

3D printing has opened up a new world for creative minds. With the right designs, one can print any number of items. But we got tired of toys and gadgets and wanted to find truly useful things we could download and print today. From lamps to cooking utensils, paper shredders to drones, Bluetooth speakers to grocery bag holders, we’ve found 15 of the best downloads on the internet. Some assembly may be required, but it's all free.

3D Printing
One-Handed Bottle Opener
Download available at: Thingiverse

This project won 1st prize at the 3D print Exhibition during Maker Faire 2013 in Rome. By simply placing the palm of the hand on the bottle opener and doing a simple wrist rotation, you can open a bottle with no need to tighten the cap hard.

Hand-Cranked Vinyl Player
Download available at: Thingiverse

3D hand-cranked record player to play all sorts of records. Once all the pieces are printed it takes no more than 5 minutes to assemble. You will only need to add a piece of paper, sticky tape and a needle to create the amplifier.

EZ-Key MIDI Guitar
Download available at: Thingiverse

The guitar can be used as a MIDI instrument, DJ controller or a video game controller and is completely customizable. It uses the E-Z Key bluefruit wireless controller from Adafruit. This project requires a minimum of 16 hours of 3D printing time.

Men's Wallet
Download available at: YouMagine

Now you can print your own 3D Wallet or clutches and show off your fashion sense. This project requires a larger printing area, so it needs to be printed on a 3D printer that has at least a 230mm by 190mm print bed.

Modern Voronoi Lamp:
Download available at: Thingiverse

Given a set of distinct points, the Voronoi diagram is the partition of polyhedral regions. So if you love math, you'll love to decorate and add some spice to any room with this stylish Voronoi 3D lamp.

Voronoi Lamp
Fruit & Vegetable Cutter
Download available at: Thingiverse

What started out as an idea to create a simple fruit salad turned in to a quest to create the all in one kitchen slicer. Print your own tool which will split and cut fruit in one operation.

Download available at: Repables

This 3D Quadcopter is designed around carbon fiber arrow shafts that float on o-rings. The flight controller is isolated by silicone anti-vibration balls cast in a 3D printed mold. If you’re up for a challenge, this may be the one for you!

Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
Download available at: CGTrader

Easy to print and fun to build. This mini speaker is ideal for printing on a smaller print bed. But don't let its size fool you as it still packs a punch! Powered by a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can take it anywhere, and your tunes will be pumping for hours!

Phone Cases with Working Gears
Download available at: Thingiverse

Demonstrating simple mechanical principles these phone cases have a complete set of working gears. So not only is your phone protected it has now become a fun functional toy. The cases build with glow in the dark filament is pretty cool.

Bicycle Frame
Download available at: GrabCad

This bike frame is constructed with carbon tubes and aluminum or titanium lugs and can be completely customized. Creating your own bike frame allows the flexibility for design improvements, create shape optimization and complete customization.

Launchable Model Rocket
Download available at: YouMagine

The launchable model rocket flies super high and straight up in the air. It has three simple pieces and is easy to assemble. However you do have to create your own parachute recovery system using a handful of household items. Get ready to launch and recover.

Hand-Cranked Power Generator
Download available at: Thingiverse

If you're looking for something to keep you busy over the next few weekends this may be the project for you. This hand cranked 3D creation becomes an actual working power generator spinning at 1500 rpm to produce about 30 watts once completed. However be warned that the actual print time is a minimum of 200 hours.

iPhone iToaster
Download available at: Thingiverse

The iPhone iToaster easily charges your phones even with the cover on. The iToaster can charge two phones at one time using standard lightning USB cables. It also features two eject buttons for separately ejecting phones from each of the two slots.

Modular Wine Rack
Download available at: Thingiverse

This 3D modular wine rack is stackable to fit as many wine bottles as you would like to display. It is also useful to store other house hold items. Each rack slides into each other to hold them all in place.

Grocery bag holder
Download available at: GrabCad

Need some help with you groceries? Carry multiple bag at one time with this handy apparatus without hurting your fingers! Save multiple trips from the car to the house by making two bag holders and carrying more bag at one time.

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