The Ins and Outs of Electronics Hobbyists' and Their Electronics Projects

Are Hobby Electronics on the Rise or Decline?

How many hours does the average electronics hobbyist spend on electronics projects?

On average electronics hobbyists spend about a half an hour a day on their hobby and about 16 hours every 30 days. More than 75% of hobbyists spend at least six hours a month working on a project.

What is the average number of projects a hobbyist completes annually?

It could be the popularity of the Maker Movement and the availability of new technology that has caused a significant number of hobbyists to complete 5 or more projects within the past year. In fact, on average, we uncovered that hobbyists completed 9 projects annually, but that number was driven up by a small percentage of very active hobbyists. Interestingly younger hobbyists (below 50) while smaller in number seem to be more active hobbyists, averaging 10.3 projects a year, while older hobbyists (50 and above) average 8.3 projects a year.

How is electronics project time divided?

Just under half of all electronics hobby time is spent both designing and building a project from scratch (44.9% of time) while a smaller percentage of time was spent building something to someone else's design (24.4%). Just under a quarter of projects (22.1%) were spent fixing something. Electronics hobbyists acknowledge that a whopping 14.3% of their time is spent "goofing around."

Division of Time Spent on Electronics Projects
Division of Time Spent on Electronics Projects

Do hobbyists plan on completing more projects?

The majority of hobbyists do plan to do more projects in the next 5 years as compared to the past 5 years. That could correlate with the availability of new technologies that allow the hobbyist to embody the DIY spirit.

Hobbyists' Projected Project Growth
Hobbyists' Projected Project Growth

Where are electronics most commonly practiced?

Electronics can be done just about anywhere, but most hobbyists prefer to work from the comforts of their own homes. 76.2% report that they do their electronics inside the house, while 15.7% report that most of their electronics happens outside or in the garage. The remaining 8.1% report that they don't practice their hobby electronics at home.

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