My Wall of Jim-Pak

Electronics Memories

By John F Gorman

I was in my early thirties when I first discovered the now familiar yellow and blue packages of Jameco's Jim-Pak products. I was in our local electronics store and I saw a display of 30 or 40 packages of resistors, capacitors, ICs, transistors, etc. It was a goldmine of general use parts that, on that day, I decided I must have.

As a young electronics hobbyist who was always trying to build and learn, it seemed like I never had the parts I needed to create that next electronics project. I wanted that "wall of parts" in my own electronics workshop. Of course that was not practical. But, every week on payday, I would put aside enough money to purchase five or six packets. And, whenever I was working on a new creation and needed a part or two, I would always buy a duplicate packet for my wall.


Within a year I had built up a respectable inventory of those wonderful yellow and blue packs. And when I was experimenting, it was a real pleasure when I would find the part I needed on my own wall of parts.

I continued purchasing Jameco packs whenever I could. One time, a local electronics store was getting rid of their complete inventory of Jameco parts and I purchased the entire lot for about ten cents on the dollar. This was a really wonderful day.


I remember playing with these packages for hours: sorting them, counting them, listing them, etc. As time progressed it seemed that I could almost always find the part I needed from my wall.

Today at 68, I am still using these parts. I now have more than 500 Jim-Pak parts in my inventory – all sorted, indexed and listed for easy access. I love my little yellow and blue packets of pleasure, my life would not have been the same without them!
John F. Gorman is the owner of Bluegrass Model Railway Supply in Lexington, Kentucky. His interests include science fiction, robotics, jazz music and multi-blade model helicopters. John has been a Jameco customer since the 1980s.

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