Understanding the Electronics Hobbyist and Hobby Electronics

Hobbyist Passions, Technology and Thrills Lead to an Evolution of Hobby Electronics

As you might have guessed the electronics hobby is split between those that make their living with electronics during the day and then use it to play and those that pursue it as a pure pastime. For those who see it as a pure hobby, a large percentage are self-taught but are no less skilled nor passionate than those who have dedicated all aspects of their life to electronics.

We were surprised to discover that we do see women making a living in the field of electronics but we aren't seeing very many women pursing electronics as a hobby. It has been reported that 19% of all Electrical Engineering graduates are female, yet less than 3% of hobbyists surveyed were female. This may be due to women simply not having the time rather than not having the desire to be electronics hobbyists.

A little more surprising is the passion these hobbyists have for blowing things up, even on purpose, just for the thrill. It is this desire that gave us the inspiration to blow up capacitors here at Jameco.

Although hobby electronics has evolved over the years due to changes in technology the heart of the hobby is the same. An idea is formed and evolves as the challenges arise until they can watch their idea come to life. From fixing to building and designing, electronics as a hobby is enjoying a renaissance, often referred to as the Maker Movement, proving every day that electronics projects are greater than the sum of the parts.

Since the parts that we use every day are constantly evolving the electronics hobby is forced to evolve along with it in order to survive and stay relevant. The majority of our lives are digital whether it be photos, music, work or school, and many believe that there will be a continued transition toward digital technologies at the expense of analog solutions. Prebuilt, modular and plug and play digital technologies are predicted to continue to saturate the market. Respondents see electronics and computer programming increasingly overlapping as the hobby evolves. We are excited about the future of the electronics hobby and can't wait to see what direction the evolution continues to take.

We have seen hundreds of ideas submitted to Club Jameco and develop into customer designed electronics projects for sale. Anyone can submit an idea and create project.

If you love the electronics hobby then we have some great resources for you. Jameco has an extensive selection of electronic projects, tips, Electronic Fundamentals and Circuit Notes that can assist you. If you have an idea for something great that doesn't exist yet, submit your project to Club Jameco and earn money on every sale.

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