Play-Doh Third Hand

Easy to Make Third Hand Tool

By John Mastromoro

A test-bench vice to hold circuit boards or components in place while testing or soldering provides a convenient third hand for getting your work done. When you're in a situation where a test-bench vice is not convenient try using a big wad of Play-Doh as a substitute vice.

Having a 3" round wad of Play-Doh in my tool chest, placed in a sealed ziplock bag when not used, makes a quick and useful substitute for a third-hand.

Component Holder

Circuit Board Holder

Play-Doh stays "workable" and circuit boards or components can be inserted within the ball in any fashion suitable to hold them in place while testing or soldering. When finished, place the Play-Doh back in the ziplock bag and it's ready for use again. It's really handy!

You can also get a great third hand from Jameco .

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