Hiccup Mode

Hiccup Mode Power Supply

Resolving Power Supply Hiccup Mode

What is hiccup mode?

On some multiple output power supplies, no load on the primary output channel of a multi-channel power supply is considered a fault condition. The response of these power supplies to a low load on the primary is to drop into something known as "hiccup mode."

In "hiccup mode" the power supply shuts down, then almost immediately powers back up and checks for a proper load on the primary output. If no load is found, or the load is too low, it shuts down again and the cycle repeats until the proper load is established or power to the supply is cut.

How do I resolve hiccup mode?

To solve this problem, a dummy load can be placed on the primary so the power supply secondaries will work. Regardless of fault response (hiccup or shutdown), powering down the power supply, correcting the fault and starting the supply again will reset the fault detection and normal operation will resume.

Some power supplies also switch into hiccup mode on overload or overvoltage as well. As always, do check the datasheet(s) for complete information.

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