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Five Things NOT to do with Your New 3D Printer

By Ryan Winters – Jameco Product Manager
3D Printer Techtip

Learn from our 3D printer mistakes

3D Printers seem to be all the buzz lately and Jameco recently joined the party. We sell the unassembled K8200 3D printer kit from Velleman. We just unboxed our own 3D printer series-1 desktop printer from type-A for the Jameco workshop and wanted to share some advice if you are considering a 3D printer purchase in the near future.

We chose the Series-1 3D printer because of the quick and easy setup. But by "quick and easy" it doesn't mean you should speed through the process. There was a fair amount of pressure from the Jameco team to see it work right away and we rushed our new "toy" into action. With some hindsight we should have been a little more patient before pumping out the first thingamabob. Here's what we learned.

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