Circuit Skills: Infrared Light Barrier

Learn how IR can be useful in electronics

By Collin Cunningham

Although it's invisible to the human eye, infrared (IR) light is very useful in electronics. A wide range of devices can be used with IR emitters and detectors, from simple object sensors to wireless data transmission. Used to enhance capabilities of many electronics projects because of their low cost and wide availability, IR devices create invisible barriers, which trigger a circuit when the light beam is broken. This kit sends a powerful beam up to 13 feet! What will you protect?

Build Your Own Velleman MK120 IR Light Barrier Kit

Circuit Skills: Light Barrier Video

Always know what's coming, or use it as a trigger on other projects! Build your own Light Barrier Kit!

Velleman MK120 IR Light Barrier Kit
Velleman MK120 IR Light Barrier Kit

The kit contains an IR emitting module and an IR receiver module with an LED indicator and buzzer. As long as the receiver is detecting the IR light from the emitter, it will remain silent. When something breaks the beam, the LED on the receiver module will turn on and the speaker will sound. This kit is similar to the door chime you hear when you enter a convenience store. (9V batteries sold separately).

MK120 Datasheet.

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