Circuit Skills: Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

The Starting Point for anything Electronic

By Collin Cunningham

Power – the requisite starting point for anything electronic. You won't get much blinking, buzzing or processing done without a power supply!

Collin walks through an educational build of an adaptable power supply that can supply positive and negative outputs – very nice! Accompanied by his ever present uber-cool and easy-to-understand style, he touches on the fundamentals of regulated power, switching power, pulse width modulation (see his PMW video) and working with power.

With great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.

Circuit Skills: Power Supply Video

Dual-Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Kit


• Adjustable positive/negative supplies: ±5 to ±15VDC, 175mA to 750mA per supply
• LED on indicator
• 120VAC input
• 48-piece kit
• PC board construction
• Difficulty level: intermediate

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If you decide to build the Power Supply kit, we'd like to hear about your results! Send your story to [email protected]