Velleman has over 40 years of experience in the development of electronic kits, instruments, and modules for an extensive range of consumer and do-it-yourself products.

Jameco Electronics is proud to be their Platinum Partner and its authorized US distributor. Whether you're just having fun or are an electronics professional in need of products for resale, Jameco has the Velleman products you need.

If you are a reseller, ask to talk to our Sales Manager about setting up an account with reseller pricing and terms. Email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-794-9100.

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Choose from a wide selection of electronic kits and projects for beginners to advanced designers.

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Velleman's 3D printing kits are easy to assemble, affordable and open the door to your creativity.

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Accuracy and precision are key features of Velleman's diagnostic tools. Products include oscilloscopes, multimeters and generators.

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Velleman electromechanical components are high quality, made to last products, at a competitive price.

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Products for aspiring engineers, S.T.E.M., inventors and innovators. Velleman Robotic kits and accessories are ideal for future engineers.

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Ideal for kit development. The perfect tools and accessories when mounting electrical components to circuit boards.

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High-quality interface boards allow you to create custom applications without the hassle of large manufacturing.

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Jameco offers a variety of bulk wire, cable management products, and shrinkable tubes. Available in different gauges, conductors, and ratings.

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Velleman power connectors are ideal for custom extensions or making your own DC power adapters. No soldering required.

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Control lights easily with Velleman's LED dimmers ideal for LED strips and lamps. Also check out our selection of LED assortment.

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Velleman Test Equipment

The critical features of Velleman Test Equipment products are their accuracy and precision. Products include multimeters, oscilloscopes, clamp meters, panel meters, digital labs, and generators. You’ll find the ease of use and easy to read LCD displays.
Velleman DVM810 Multimeter

Digital Multimeters: DVM850BL/ DVM890F/ AVM360/ DVM890L / AVM460
DC Labs/Generators: LABPS3003SMU / LABPS3005SMU / PCSU200 / VTTEST11N / PCSGU250 / HPG1MK2
Panel Meters: AVM6015 / AIM600005 / PMLCDL / AIM603000 / AIM601 /

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Electronic Kits

Velleman kits teach and spark creativity. They provide soldering practice and create the perfect activities in teaching how components work together. A variety of kits are available to create alarms, radios, sensors, lighting, and working with Arduino.
Velleman Flashing LED Kit MK102

Audio Kits: Electronic Cricket/ Super Snooper/ Audio Player/ Echo Chamber / Metronome
Educational: Oscilloscope Tutor / Learn to Solder / PIC Programmer / ATmega328 Nano / Solar Energy / Radio/Transmitter: RFID Card Reader / Signal Injector / Remote Control / Ultrasonic Radar / Remote Checker
Timers/Clocks: Pulse-Pause Timer / Interval Timer / Start-Stop Timer / Digital Clock Kit / Counter
Sensors/Security: Metal Detector / Liquid Level / Parking Radar / Rotary Encoder / Security System

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Electronic Design

Velleman prototyping boards and programmers allow you to easily get acquainted working with circuit boards. With high quality tools you need to prototype and evaluate your designs, Jameco provides the materials for constructing your prototypes at the best prices in the industry.

Velleman Interface Board K8055N

Programmers: Interface Board K8055N / PIC-PLC Application Module VM142 / Extended Interface Board VM140
Prototyping Systems: Breadboard 840 / Breadboard 640 / Breadboard 1680 / Breadboard 2420 /

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Tools and Soldering Equipment

For those who love to tinker or assemble electronic gadgets, you'll want to have yourself the right soldering equipment and accessories. Velleman offers a variety of soldering irons, stations, tips, holders, and tools for circuit assembly and repair.

Velleman Soldering Iron VTS20U

Soldering Equipment: Iron VTS20U / Iron VTSUSB / Station VTSS5U / Station VTSSC40NU / Station VTSS7U
Soldering Tools: Desolder Pump / Solder Stand / Helping Hand / Starter Kit / Soldering Tips / Tip Cleaner
Tools: Head Visor VTMG6 / Bench Light VTLAMP11BU / Anti Static Kit / Counter Display /

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Your Velleman Partner


Velleman, Inc. has offered electronic and electrical products and accessories since 1975. Jameco is proud to be their exclusive North America Distributor offering power products, wire, connectors, consumer products, electronic kits, electronic components, and more.

As a premium partner with Velleman, we are excited to continue to distribute their product in North America. For years Velleman has set the standard for excellence in their electronic components, kits, and accessories.

Jameco's Corporate account team stands ready to respond to your quote and product sample requests. Talk to us to set up terms, relationships, and inventory programs. You'll love Jameco's pricing on Velleman products as well as the exceptional service and support. Call us at 800-794-9100 or email us at [email protected] we look forward to working with you.

If you are a reseller, ask to talk to our Sales Manager about setting up an account with reseller pricing and terms. Email us at [email protected].

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