AC to DC DIN Rail Power Supply

Find a wide selection of highly reliable power supply products at Jameco Electronics. These devices are a must-have if you do a lot of electronics or other powered projects and need a reliable power source. DIN rails are standardized mounting systems used in many electrical enclosures to help organize components. With leading brands like MEAN WELL, MG Electronics, and Phoenix Contact, you’ll find the AC to DC DIN rail power supply options that deliver the power you need.

Safe and Reliable Power Supplies

Power supplies come in various outputs and wattages, allowing for the conversion of AC supply voltage into DC voltage for various uses. They're ideal for powering loads such as motors, actuators, and other control units. Hobbyists often require AC to DC DIN rail power supplies when using electric tools that run on AC current, as well as operable motorized projects that require specific levels of AC current voltage to function properly.

Professionals use these power supplies when sourcing the AC/DC output required for operating high-power systems, welding torches, lighting systems, or pumps. Our power supply solutions are popular because they are easy to install and provide a safe, reliable power source for AC or DC systems. They're an efficient way to provide clean power without interference from outside influences like electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

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Jameco Electronics has been providing high-quality electronic components and parts for over 45 years. With more than 30,000 products on our site, customers can find everything from competitively priced products like our AC to DC DIN rail power supply selection to unique hard-to-find parts like miniature relays, snap switches, and more. Plus, our house brands come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee and are often much more affordable than the competition's products.

Shipping is prompt, and our reliable inventory ensures all orders are fulfilled quickly. We also provide educational resources that provide insight into the world of electronics. Explore our power supply options to find the best fit for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DIN rail power supply?

This is a device that converts AC voltage into DC voltage for use in various applications. DIN rails are standardized mounting systems used in many electrical enclosures to help organize components. These power supplies are ideal for applications that require a compact, robust, and reliable power source.

What is a DIN rail circuit breaker?

A DIN rail circuit breaker prevents overcurrents in DIN rail-mounted electrical systems. They are designed to trip and disconnect the current when they detect an overload or short circuit condition. DIN rail circuit breakers are commonly used in high-voltage applications, such as AC power distribution systems.

How do I install a DIN rail power supply?

Installing it requires basic electrical wiring knowledge and tools. Before installation, make sure to turn off all power to the system and verify that it is safe to work on. Then, locate the DIN rail in the enclosure and connect it to ground using screws. Next, mount the power supply to the DIN rail, connect the AC power input and DC output connections, and secure all wiring with cable ties. Finally, turn on the power supply and test for proper operation.