Circuit Protection Fuses

If you have a load that needs to be protected, turn to Jameco Electronics’ wide selection of circuit protection fuses ideal for low-voltage power supply. We carry tons of fuses for electronics to choose from with many applications, including computers and peripherals, alarm systems, and more. We're the only electronic components distributor to give customers a true choice. With a wide selection of cartridge-type fuses and more than 50,000 of the industry's most popular name-brand components, you can find what you need quickly and affordably.

Fuses for Electronics Protect Your Valuable Circuit Designs

Circuit protection fuses, used in electronics today, are a vital component in any circuit, providing both overcurrent and overtemperature protection. Fuse ratings (amperage) need to be chosen carefully to prevent circuit damage from occurring due to excessive amperage draw. This is particularly relevant for hobbyists who specialize in circuit design. The best fuses for electronics protect your valuable circuit designs from both short circuits and overloads.

Our circuit protection fuses offer high reliability, durability, and safety for any electronic project. We provide different fuse options, including low-voltage power supply and time delay features that help prevent accidental disconnects. Replacement is also easy with a simple twist-out mechanism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fuses used for?

Fuses are used to protect electrical circuits from excessive current and overloads. They act like a drawbridge that protects the rest of the circuit. If a circuit becomes overloaded, the fuse melts, creating a gap in the circuit and stopping electricity from damaging the rest of the circuit.

What are the benefits of cartridge-type fuses?

These are fuses designed to provide reliable protection for various applications. They feature a low-profile design, making them easier to install and reducing the amount of space needed for installation. They also feature an indicator window that allows users to quickly check if the fuse is functioning correctly or has been overloaded and needs to be replaced.

How do you choose a fuse for electronic circuits?

When selecting a fuse for an electronic circuit, you should consider the type of application and its desired level of protection. You should also consider the fuse's recommended voltage, current rating, and breaking capacity, as well as other specifications such as temperature range and response time.