DC Motors Gearhead

Get high torque construction with Jameco Electronics’ wide selection of DC gearheads. These reversible metal gearhead motors feature solder-type terminals and an oil-bearing design for long service life. At Jameco Electronics, we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of in-stock house and generic brands that are typically priced 15% to 25% less than our competitors, even as our quantity and variety of in-stock products surpasses them.

Enjoy a High-Degree of Precision and Operation

When working on electronic projects, it is essential to have a DC motor that can provide you with the high degree of precision and operation that you need. The DC gearhead motors from Jameco Electronics are perfect for this purpose. With their wide range of features, including superior rotational force, low noise, and high torque, these motors will help you get the most out of your projects.

DC gear motors are perfect for a wide variety of applications, including robotics, hobby electronics, educational projects, and more. We have in stock a wide range of gear motor sizes, speeds, ratios, input voltage ranges, and shaft styles to suit your needs. With over 30,000 products available on the site, we are sure to have every electronic kit or component needed for your project.

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Founded in 1974, Jameco Electronics is one of the world's largest electronic components and tools distributors. Based in Silicon Valley, Jameco offers a reliable inventory of products at competitive prices, with prompt shipping and excellent customer service. In addition to a wide selection of DC gear motors, we also offer unique, hard-to-find parts.

We also offer an educational workshop and comprehensive tech tips if you're interested in learning more about electronics. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, we're here to help you get started with your project.