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DC/DC Isolated Power Supplies

These power supplies are non-regulated, non-switched, non-inverting, and isolated DC/DC converters that provide power to a load without galvanic isolation. They are typically used to connect two different ground potentials or when the system is designed for continuous operation with no critical components. As isolated DC/DC power supplies do not isolate their output from their input, the output voltage is usually a non-inverted version of the input voltage. Our DC-DC converter power supply options are available in several packages, including enclosed, open-frame, and encapsulated in a variety of voltages, power ratings, and currents. Shop from top brands like MEAN WELL, Cincon, and Digilent at Jameco Electronics.

Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Isolated DC/DC Converters

Whether you're a hobbyist, student, or professional, getting access to high-quality isolated DC/DC power supplies is essential for powering your project. These converters provide an efficient and reliable source of power, perfect for a wide range of applications. One of the main benefits of using a DC/DC power supply is that it is much more efficient than an isolated power supply. This increased efficiency results in less heat being generated, which means the converter can operate in a smaller footprint and at a lower temperature.

DC/DC converters are also more reliable. This increased reliability is due to the fact that there are no moving parts in a DC/DC converter power supply (such as transformer windings), which means there are fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. They also tend to be safer to operate than isolated power supplies. This increased safety is due to the fact that there are no high voltages present in the circuit, which reduces the risk of electric shock.

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