Hall Effect Sensors

Looking to get stable switching points over a wide supply voltage range? Check out Jameco’s selection of hall effect sensors. These high-quality sensors are equipped with short-circuit-protected open-drain outputs that are protected by thermal shutdown and can operate with static magnetic fields and dynamic magnetic fields up to 20kHz. Whether you need hall effect probes for professional, educational, or hobby electronics applications, you can count on these versatile devices to deliver exceptional performance. Shop from top brands like Allegro Microsystems, Honeywell, Cherry, and Velleman at Jameco Electronics today.

Accurate, Durable, and Easy-to-Use

Hall effect sensors are essential in many modern electronic systems, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial equipment. These electronic components are designed specifically to detect the hall effect and convert their findings into data that a variety of other systems can use. They're widely used due to their high sensitivity, accuracy, durability, ease of use, and wide range of applications.

Whether you need a reliable and effective way to measure fluctuations in magnetic fields, control specific circuits in your system, switch an electronic circuit on and off, or display electronic data on an interface, choose our hall effect probes for your next project.

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Whether you need hall effect sensors or other electronic parts like jumper wires or an AC power supply for a school project, commercial application, or hobby project, Jameco Electronics has exactly what you're looking for. We also have an educational center that covers a wide range of topics, including how to get started with electronics and an overview of various electronic components, so you can learn more about our products.