MOSFETs Transistors

MOSFETs are a type of transistor used in various applications, from simple on-off switches to complex circuit boards. MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. They are available in both N-channel and P-channel varieties. These transistors offer many advantages, particularly in terms of high input impedance and overall performance. At Jameco Electronics, we bring you a large selection of circuit board transistors from brands you trust.

Designed to Minimize Power Consumption

MOSFETs are designed with high gate impedance to minimize power consumption in digital circuits. MOSFETs have a higher ON resistance than BJTs, so they dissipate less power when operating in the linear (analog) region. MOSFETs are also faster than BJTs, so they are often used in high-speed digital circuits. MOSFETs transistors are also used in power management applications such as voltage regulators and switch-mode power supplies.

MOSFETs can be found as transistors on almost every type of circuit board, from personal computers, cell phones, radios, game consoles, TVs, and cars to toys. At Jameco Electronics, we have a wide range of transistor options in single configurations, voltages, channel modes, power dissipation, and more. All our electronic components and parts are available at competitive prices.

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