Metal Cases and Enclosures

Metal cases and enclosures for electronics are important for a variety of reasons. They protect your components from damage, keep them organized, and can even help to improve the performance of your devices. At Jameco Electronics, we offer a wide selection of boxes for electronics projects made from high-quality materials like aluminum. Our boxes are designed to resist cracking and splitting when drilled or punched, making them ideal for various applications. Whether you're looking for metal project boxes to protect your components or organize your workbench, we have you covered.

Strong, Secure, and Reliable Boxes for Electronics

At some point in every electronic device's development, it will need a metal or plastic case or enclosure. This is vital to protect your components and designs from any form of damage. To get the best possible protection, you need boxes that are carefully engineered and manufactured with strong, reliable, and secure metal or plastic materials. With the right boxes for electronics, you can be sure your electronics are well-protected no matter where they are used.

Whether you need boxes or enclosures for indoor or outdoor use, in humid or dry conditions, we have the perfect solution for you. And because we understand that each application is unique, we offer a wide range of options from top brand names as well as our own line of electronics boxes to make sure you meet your needs perfectly. Get the right metal or plastic box for your project today.

Shop Electronic Components at Great Prices

Jameco Electronics is a leading distributor of electronics components and parts with over 45 years in business. Our customers include businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, and hobbyists who appreciate our excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and prompt shipping. We also help customers find unique, hard-to-find parts and offer more affordable house-brand products.

Our house brands have a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. We also have an educational workshop where you can learn more about electronic components and how to use them. Order everything you need for your next electronics project, including our quality and durable boxes for electronics.