Miniature Relays

Whether you’re looking for a low-power miniature relay with high switching capacity or one that offers extra protection against harsh conditions, Jameco Electronics has you covered. Our mini relay selection boasts up to 30A switching capabilities, solid construction, and advanced insulation materials designed to protect your equipment from environmental damage. Explore our range of small relays in various styles with optimum capabilities and find the perfect solution for your needs.

Reliable Mini Relays for Hobbyists and Professionals

Miniature relays are used to control various loads in switching applications. They are most often used in hobby electronics projects such as project kits, robotics, remote control cars and aircraft, and model railroads. The main advantage of using miniature relays instead of regular switches or transistors is the amount of current they can handle without breaking down. This makes them more reliable for applications where large amounts of current must be passed through a circuit.

Additionally, mini relays make it easier to manage multiple circuits at once, making them ideal for building complex electronic kits and projects. Plus, these small relays are designed with a small size and high efficiency in mind, making them perfect for applications where space is limited.

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Jameco Electronics also offers educational resources so customers can gain even more expert knowledge on electronics. Request a quote for mini relay supplies and more components like circuit protection fuses, multi-conductor bulk wires, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are mini relays used in control circuits?

Miniature relays are used in control circuits because they provide flexible switching options, allowing for the safe and reliable control of electrical equipment. These miniature relays come in a variety of sizes, types, and configurations to suit many different applications. They can be easily integrated into existing systems without making major modifications to the circuit or hardware.

Why use small relays instead of switches?

Miniature relays provide more reliable control than switches because of their stronger contact rating and longer electrical life. They also require less energy to operate due to their smaller size, which makes them more efficient in terms of power consumption. In addition, miniature relays are often used when there is a need for multiple switching points or a large number of circuits that need to be controlled.

What is the most common use of an electrical relay?

The most common use of mini relays is in power control applications. They are used to switch electrical circuits on and off, as well as provide isolation from high-voltage sources. Miniature relays can also control motors, lighting fixtures, and other electrical devices.