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Photocells, CDS

Photocells and CDS (Charge-coupled devices) are sensors that detect light. The Cadmium-Sulfide cells in these photocell light sensors are used in a variety of electronic builds and are often found in gadgets and appliances. If you're looking for great ambient light triggers for your electronic projects, get started with Jameco Electronics’ supply of CDS photocell sensors. They're sensitive, fast, and available in various sizes and styles.

Small, Inexpensive, and Low-Power Photocell Sensors

Whether you're a hobbyist working on DIY projects, a business professional designing electronics, or a student working on electronic prototypes, you're more likely to work with various sensors. Photocell light sensors are one of the most popular types of sensors due to their small size, low cost, low power, and wide range of applications. They're made of light-sensitive materials, usually semiconductor materials like cadmium sulfide.

When light hits the photocell sensor, it causes a change in the material's electrical resistance. This change can be used to measure light intensity or detect the presence of light. You can integrate these sensors into your electronics projects to create light-sensitive switch circuits, measure ambient light levels, or build light-activated alarms. Choose from various configurations from our reliable inventory to fit your needs.

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