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Slide Switches

Get multiple pole and actuator options with our selection of slide switches, designed with reliable performance and long-lasting durability in mind. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these switches have a positive spring-loaded ball detent mechanism and wash-through open frame construction. Discover a comprehensive range of switch options at Jameco Electronics, designed to meet the diverse requirements of your electronic projects.

Get a Versatile Switch for Your Project Needs

These switches are versatile electromechanical components used to establish or interrupt electrical connections within electronic circuits. They typically feature a sliding actuator that moves along a linear path to control the flow of current between different contacts. Commonly used in a variety of applications, slide switch products can function as on-off controls, signal selectors, or mode changers, making them an essential component in many electronic projects. If you're a hobbyist, you'll find these switches indispensable for your DIY projects and prototypes.

These switches offer a simple, cost-effective, and reliable means of controlling various functions within a circuit. Our diverse configurations and sizes make it easy to find a switch that meets your project requirements, allowing you to achieve the desired level of control and customization. Whether you're building a custom audio mixer, designing a remote-controlled vehicle with one of our kits, or experimenting with home automation systems, slide switches offer the flexibility and convenience you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an on-off slide switch work?

It works by physically moving a sliding actuator along a linear path to create or break an electrical connection between contacts. In the 'on' position, the switch establishes a connection, allowing current to flow, while in the 'off' position, it interrupts the connection, stopping the flow of current.

What are the advantages of these switches?

The advantages of these switches are their ease of use, straightforward design, and reliable performance. They provide a simple and efficient way to control electronic circuits and are available in a variety of configurations and sizes, making them suitable for diverse applications.

What are the disadvantages of these switches?

The disadvantages of these switch include limited mechanical life due to wear and tear, the potential for dust and debris accumulation affecting performance, and their larger size compared to other switch types, such as tactile or toggle switches, which may not be suitable for all applications.