Solenoid actuators

This kind of actuator uses electromagnetism to create a linear or rotary motion. They are often used in electronic projects to control levers and switches. Jameco Electronics offers a wide selection of electric solenoid actuators, including solenoid valves, open-frame dual-shaft push solenoids, and continuous tubular pull solenoids. These actuators are a versatile and reliable way to push, pull, or control levers and switches, making them a great choice for a variety of projects.

High-Quality and Built to Last

Whether you need a door lock actuator, open frame-pull or push actuator, or tubular push or pull actuator, Jameco Electronics has the electric solenoid actuator you need. Jameco's solenoids are reliable, high-quality, and built to last. With a wide variety of power ratings, configurations, lengths, coil resistance options, and voltages, it's easy to find the right solenoid for your application.

We only stock actuators from top brands you trust, such as Jameco Valuepro, Adafruit Industries, Arndt Electronics, Asco Valve and Instrument, and Ledex/Johnson Electric. When you shop at Jameco Electronics, you can be sure you're getting the best quality and selection of solenoids available. If you need help selecting electronics components, our customer service team is here to help you.

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