DC Centralized Power Solutions for Mini/Micro LED Displays

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Fine-pixel pitch LED displays are mostly utilized for outdoor advertising broadcasts and concert purposes. Mini and Micro LEDs can now be employed in indoor LED displays to meet the application requirements of small pixel pitch and high resolution. Therefore, more large-sized (>100-inch) indoor LED displays, such as those seen in movie theaters, convention centers, and virtual film sets, are suited for narrow pixel-pitch indoor LED displays.

To employ LED displays in interior applications, however, the following characteristics must be met: silence, low radiant heat, electricity safety, and downsizing. Typically, the LED display is utilized outdoors and is equipped with a fan to dissipate the system's heat or the heat generated by the internal power supply. The fan's rotation will be accompanied by the high-speed fan's noise, but because it is utilized outdoors, the noise will not be audible. If the LED display is utilized indoors, it will interfere with audio-visual playback quality and produce radiant heat issues. The color of the LED display varies based on the wavelengths of the LEDs. Therefore, when viewing at close range, you will feel the radiant heat of the LED; reducing the heat of the LED and reducing the conversion loss of the internal control board are the challenges we must solve.

In addition, indoor displays are easily handled by users (children), so reducing the risk of electric shock is a crucial safety need. Therefore, we advise using a centralized front-end DC power supply that meets the safety voltage (SELV). The front-end DC centralized power system integrates with the back-end low-voltage DC-DC power module to drive control ICs with 4.2V or 3.8V, enhancing electrical safety and minimizing unneeded conversion losses and LED radiant heat. In this manner, the power supply and control board may be constructed to separate heat and electricity, and the heat source can be spread to reduce the issue of radiant heat on the LED display. Typically, interior space is relatively constrained. Using a low-voltage centralized power supply can also minimize the structure of an indoor LED display, which is consistent with the miniaturization design, so reducing the installation space and enhancing the aesthetics of the mechanism.

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MEAN WELL offers low-voltage (24V/48V) DC centralized power solutions, particularly for small pixel-pitch indoor LED displays, to assist clients in resolving the issues outlined previously in indoor display applications. MEAN WELL can provide front-end low-voltage DC centralized power systems, such as UHP/ DPU/ RST and SHP series, that can meet the SELV safety voltage, and then match with Class III DC-DC NID100-4.2V module to drive LED control board, to meet the application requirements of silence, low radiant heat, safe electricity use, and miniaturization.

MEAN WELL manufacturers a selection of single-phase or three-phase AC power system solutions for the front-end power system to fulfill the diverse needs of its customers. For the DC-DC module, MEAN WELL offers two current output specifications, 11A and 15A, with various small pixel pitch LED displays that can deliver sufficient brightness values between 600 and 1200 cd/m2. Two DC-DC NID100 modules are required for the driver control board. For comprehensive system power solutions and application case descriptions, please refer to the table and links provided below.

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Centralized DC Power Solution 24V/48V Features:

  • Reduce noise
  • Compact size
  • Reduce system heat and LED radiation heat
  • Meet safety requirements for extra low voltage circuits (SELV)
  • There is a parallel function for front-end power

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