Flicker-Free LED Lighting Power Applications

What is Lighting Flicker?

Flicker is a noticeable variation in luminance between cycles. The fluctuating light causes luminaries to flicker. Human eyes can typically detect flickering at frequencies lower than 100 Hz. A frequency exceeding 100Hz is difficult for human eyes to perceive.

Chicken Hatchery

Since traditional lamps use AC mains as their input source, 50Hz is the frequency at which the current is conveyed. Peak and trough voltage fluctuations are observed at the output. As a result of the absence of a control loop in electronic ballasts and the periodic variations of AC power, the luminance of the lamp varies with the frequency of the AC main, which is about two times the frequency of the electronic ballast.

Modern farm lighting has reached the stage of intelligent control as a result of its constant growth. LED lighting for poultry is distinct from conventional commercial lighting. It is essential to take into account the physiological properties of chickens. Light intensity, duration, and spectrum have a significant impact on the development of poultry. Under optimal conditions, led lighting can stimulate the appetite of chickens, increasing their intake and promoting their growth. Thus, the production of "meat and eggs" is increased. However, as poultry is extremely sensitive to light, LED drivers with PWM dimming are unsuitable for dimming applications involving poultry.

PWM dimming voltage and current waveform
Due to the varying sizes of poultry farms, the led lighting requirements for each are distinct. Each breeding site's wattage and the number of bulbs should be tailored depending on its specific requirements. The method of constant voltage dimming is utilized in poultry illumination, which is regulated by a 010V signal from the control system. In figure 2, dimming did not result in flickering. LED Drivers play an essential part in the design of luminaries.

Linear Dimming
In response to market demands for poultry illumination, MEAN WELL has created the NPF-200/HLG/ELG/ERP line of constant voltage dimming solutions, which include a constant voltage and low ripple design. Additionally, the absence of lighting flicker makes them excellent for the extension of breeding locations. A variety of models are currently available.

Flicker Free Application

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