KNX Data Secure
Intelligent Home and Building Security Solutions

KNX Data Secure Home Security

One of the major themes for smart homes is security. The need for intelligent home and building solutions is soaring. Increasingly more residential and commercial building functions are managed by automation technologies. However, unsecured or insecure systems are susceptible to assault by an unauthorized third party, which can result in data breaches and privacy invasions. Personal information and property of users are therefore at risk. Hacking events are frequently reported.

KNX offers a solution for this smart home security issue. Many hacking incidences may have been prevented by utilizing the proper installation items. KNX Secure was developed to address present and future cyber security concerns in building automation. MEAN WELL has introduced multiple KNX solutions with Data Secure functionality. Actuators such as KAA-8R-S and KAA-4R4V-S are appropriate for lighting switches, air conditioning control systems, shutter/blind control, etc. PWM-200-KN is a powerful constant voltage LED driver that can be directly controlled by KNX commands when attached to a KNX Bus line. Your environment and personal information are safeguarded from hacking since data is sent securely.

KNX Data Secure Security

By increasing smart control technology, many technologies that were previously only shown in movies are now a reality, such as opening a door with a cell phone or turning on a light by speaking a command. These intelligent control applications in buildings are becoming increasingly flexible in contemporary society. However, unsecured or insecure systems are susceptible to assault by an unauthorized third party, which can result in data breaches and privacy invasions. The personal and property safety of the user is therefore compromised. To meet the demand for secure data transmission, KNX Secure has been developed in response to present and future cyber security challenges in building automation.

Features of KNX Secure

Data Integrity

By injecting modified frames, we prevent attackers from taking control. In KNX, this is accomplished by attaching an authentication code to each message; this code validates that the message has not been altered and originates from the trusted communication partner.


Preventing attackers from recording and replaying frames without altering the content. This is ensured via a sequence number in KNX Data Secure and a sequence identifier in KNX IP Secure.


Encrypting network traffic to guarantee that an attacker has as little visibility into sent data as feasible. When enabling encryption of KNX network traffic, KNX devices ensure encryption using AES-128 CCM algorithms in conjunction with asymmetrical keys.

KNX Secure contains KNX IP Secure (IP media) and KNX Data Secure (TP/RF media). KNX IP Secure is required for KNX installations that are exposed to an external IP network, such as the internet. In addition, KNX Data Secure must be utilized for KNX installations that are not exposed to an external IP network.

PWM Power Supply

KNX Data Secure devices can only be used in conjunction with other KNX Data Secure devices when data secure is enabled. When secure communication is not required, however, KNX Data Secure devices can be used in conjunction with non-secure KNX devices. A secure device can interact with a non-secure device in two ways. The first method is to disable the secure device's commissioning. In this instance, the secure device behaves identically to a non-secure device. Individual Group addresses can be set to "Off" or "Automatic", and then linked to group objects of devices with secure commissioning enabled or disabled. All functional items within a KNX Data Secure device can be assigned multiple security levels based on the needs of the user. For instance, a control object from a touch panel can be configured for secure transmission, whereas a report object from an actuator can be configured for insecure transmission.

KNX Configuration

Data Secure communication is recommended for applications involving personal or property security, such as doors and windows. If an application is unrelated to personal or property safety, such as one for a television or coffee machine, users may decide whether secure communication is required. Once an object has been set to non-secure mode, further communication will no longer be protected by Data Secure.

MEAN WELL will release further KNX Data Secure solutions, as well as Data Secure upgrades for existing products. Offering users, a truly safe environment without sacrificing quality or dependability.