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Motor Driven Applications that Require a
High-Output, Peak-Load Power Supply

A power supply with a peak load feature could be utilized in various applications. Among these applications are motor drive, capacitor charging, and pulse load systems, among others. They have been widely implemented for motor-driven loads in home appliances and industrial control systems. This article will discuss several case studies and how the peak load features meet the requirements.  

Household Appliances

Numerous household appliances, including the coffee machine, food blender, kitchen hood, robot vacuum, automatic door, electric window/drawer, etc., are equipped with motors. These appliances typically have a small size requirement, but a high transient current demand. However, standard power supplies could not withstand the peak current and would typically enter protection mode. Some individuals may opt for higher wattage power supplies, which are proportionally larger and more expensive. Therefore, it is not an ideal solution. Based on the preceding factors, a smaller power supply with peak load capability would be suitable for these applications.  

Coffee Machine

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a typical household appliance. The motor's primary function is to grind the coffee beans before brewing, and the entire process takes only a few seconds. In one of Cincon's cases, the client desires a power supply that can withstand a 120W peak load for 5 seconds and 80W of nominal power. Therefore, we recommend the Cincon CFM81S, which perfectly satisfies this requirement from a size and cost perspective.  

Electric Bed

Electric Bed

The electric bed is widely utilized in domestic and medical settings. In a few seconds, an electric bed's motor beneath the bed holds a person up. In one of Cincon's cases, the maximum output power required is 132W for one second, while the nominal output power is 60W. Cincon CFM61S can achieve a peak load of 120W, which is twice the rated output power, and can be modified to produce a slightly higher output wattage per the customer's request. 

Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

A common household appliance whose wheels are propelled by an electric motor is the robot vacuum. However, when the robot vacuum collides with walls or other obstacles, the motor will require a greater amount of wattage to counteract the torque required for changing directions. In one of Cincon's cases involving a robot vacuum that could also be used for commercial purposes, the robot requires an additional 50 to 100 percent of output current for two to three seconds while this condition occurs. When this situation occurs, a conventional power supply may fail due to overcurrent protection. In this scenario, the peak load power feature is required to ensure the robot can operate normally.  

Automatic Door/Screen

Automatic Door

In a smart home system, many household appliances are equipped with an automatic function. Drawers, closet doors, kitchen cabinets, and curtain tracks, among others, have been equipped with motors to fulfill the requirement. During operation, these electronic components were typically concealed within a confined space, and their peak current demand could be substantial. The CFM25S/CFM41S are excellent options for these applications due to their compact size and peak current capability.

Cincon offers four series of AC-DC power supplies with the peak load feature, which can deliver twice the rated output current at peak load. These power supplies are suitable for applications with motors.

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