MEAN WELL DIN Rail Buffer Unit Applications

Data Centers and Industrial Facilities

In recent years, many businesses have suspended business trips and regulated personnel flow, resulting in a sharp increase in demand for home office work and remote video conferencing. Additionally, educational institutions have begun offering online courses. When face-to-face communication is replaced by voice, video, and E-Mail, all data must be transmitted via electronic devices. As a result, demand for data centers and cloud computing increased significantly. High stability is a priority for system integrators when it comes to such equipment.

Computer Network

A steady supply of electricity is required for an enterprise to establish a data center or other industrial facility. In the 1960s, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) was proposed to improve system stability, as illustrated in Figure 1. Nowadays, UPS systems are composed of battery packs, inverters, and control circuits that are connected to the power grid on one end and to loads on the other. When the grid voltage is normal, the UPS charges itself via grid power. However, if the power grid becomes unstable, the UPS transfers the stored electrical energy to the load.

Due to the UPS's battery backup, it is ideal for areas prone to frequent power outages. When the AC fails, it takes approximately 2 to 10 milliseconds for the UPS to initiate the voltage stabilization function. Additionally, UPSs are composed of batteries and operate at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C. Certain models may even require the use of fans to dissipate heat, resulting in increased noise. In the long run, its size, noise, and maintenance create inconvenience for consumers. To address the shortcomings above, power supply manufacturers have introduced buffer modules, as illustrated in Figure 2.
UPS Battery DIN Rail Power Supply
UPS Back-up Battery and DIN Rail Power Supply

As illustrated in Table 1, there are numerous distinctions between the buffer module and the UPS system. Due to the buffer module's capacitor construction, it benefits from miniaturization, low cost, and maintenance-free operation. Additionally, the UPS responds in milliseconds, which is quite slow in comparison to the buffer module. As illustrated in Figure 3, the buffer module's internal capacitors and the power supply's output are connected in parallel. When the power supply's output fails, the capacitor in the buffer module immediately provides power, allowing the customer sufficient time to store data. The buffer module is particularly well-suited for data processing and industrial computer power supply equipment. If the terminal equipment requires a higher load or more time to store data, as illustrated in Figure 4, multiple buffer modules can be used in parallel.

TABLE 1: Distinctions between Buffer Module and UPS System

Cost $$$$$ $$
Maintenace $$$ $
Size Large Small
Noise Mid to High Nane
Minus Temperature Operation Unable Possible
Maintenance Difficulty High None

Increase System Hold Time if AC Fails

DIN Rail Buffer Diagram
Figure 3 Direct Connection

Multiple Buffers
Figure 4 Multiple Buffer Modules

The buffer module's composition is pretty straightforward. In comparison to the UPS, the buffer module is made of more compact materials and has a greater level of reliability. Additionally, the overall MTBF is slightly greater than that of the UPS.

MEAN WELL introduced the DBUF Series buffer module in response to user demand for equipment reliability. Additionally, the DBUF buffer module has buffer signals. When the AC fails, the DBUF buffer module's built-in relay is engaged, allowing for more time for data recovery.

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